LAST DREAMS follows three women during their stay at a hospice. Through their conversations with the doctor, the priest and the nurses, wee see their thoughts and reflections about death, and the life that has passed. 

The film is never less than compelling, thanks to both a solid structural device—we always know that tragic ends await—and Wagner’s superb cinematography. (...) Last Dreams was a true discovery.
— Camden Int. Film Festival


LAST DREAMS confronts us with a taboo deeply embedded in our society: death.

The film follows three women during their last month at a hospice. Through them we gain an insight of what it means to be close to death. We hear about their last dreams and wishes, and we are there when they find the courage to say “I’m sorry” or “I love you”. The film illustrates how a hospice can give joy to the dying and nurture them in a respectful and kind manner. At the same time, the film is an honest portrait, and the camera keeps rolling when conditions are tough. LAST DREAMS is a heart-breaking story, yet calming, humorous and hopeful.

In the film, death is demystified. We gain insight in the sadness of the women and their next of kin, but we also see how even the smallest progress can create a moment of joy and happiness.