THE Finishing Line


‘The Finishing Line’ tells the dramatic story of Noel Martin, who was brutally attacked by Neo-Nazis becoming quadriplegic. His health has gotten worse ever since, bedsores, spasm attacks and cramps bedevil him. The relationship with his ever-changing carers reaches from close companionship to cold unfriendliness. 

Three years ago his life-long dream came true. He bought a racehorse to compete at Royal Ascot. A miracle happened and the horse won the race. He became the first triumphant black man at Royal Ascot ever. Although his horse will race again this year, he has not changed his mind. He has decided to get Euthanasia in Switzerland! 

‘The Finishing Line’ explores the tension between Noel Martins desire to end it all and the passions that drive him on.


Director/Producer/Cinematographer - Estephan Wagner

Editor - Stuart Briggs

Sound Recordist and Assistant Producer - Marianne Hougen-Moraga

Sound Design and Mix - James Cullen

Composer - Roger Goula

Onliner - Nick Anderson

Color Grader - Gareth Spensley

Narrator - Rupert Houseman


August 2009
24 mins
original format: HD
Screening format: Digi Beta
Dolby Surround
Spanish with English sub-titles